Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There is a reason people kept dairying rooms

Every morning before I leave for work I water the cheese and the Christmas tree. (The Christmas tree has been a recent addition to this daily routine.)

I have an open water bottle that I fill at night and let sit out, to allow most of the chlorine to evaporate. (Chlorine kills bacteria; good for people drinking tap water, bad for cheese that needs bacteria to taste yummy.) In the morning, I dribble a little water on each towel to make sure they are nice and damp.

After a fine evening with good friends, tasty sweet potato fries and delicious beer, I came home to my room filled with ode-de-cheese. There was a sticky, smelly puddle under the fridge. (Apparently I was a little heavy-handed with the “watering” this morning and it oozed out onto the floor with all its cheesey goodness.)

After some elbow grease and an hour of airing out, the room is inhabitable again.

In other cheesetastic news, the “tears” seem to be lessening, or at least becoming thicker and moving more slowly down the side of the cheese.

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